1146449_10151959436467201_1250006916_nAslam o Alaikum All

After my disappointment with the owners of print and electronic media because of their interference with freedom of information due to their vested material interests, and similar frustration with Organizations like Transparency International and Corruption watchdogs forced me to take this Jihadi initiative.

I welcome you all to join this noble mission else we all would be swept away by mafias and monopolists. Corruption is rampant all around, systems have collapsed and the worst thing is that protectors have become perpetrators of crimes.

We through this site would insha’Allah expose all sorts of corruption, manipulations and cruelties. We promise to be fair, upright and objective in our exposures. First of all I present myself for any reporting on me. I have 20 years of Career in Public Service, masha’allah clean and creditable.

I can be reached at following, though would love interaction through this site.

Allah Nigahban

Pakistan Zindabad

Nazar M. Chohan